algorithm used by Google Search by Image?

에서 검색엔진때문에 자료를 찾고있다가 구글 이미지 검색엔진이 궁금해서 자료를 찾아봤다.

My guess is that Google probably uses some combination of the following techniques and ranks the results using a proprietary algorithm.

Feature Detection (Image fingerprinting to look for exact match) & Search by Color & Visual Similarity Search

There are three commonly used feature detection algorithms for matching image deformation such as blur, rotation, scale, and illumination change.

They are SIFT, PCA-SIFT and SURF

  • SIFT is slow and not good at illumination changes, while it is invariant to rotation, scale changes and affine transformations.
  • SURF is fast and has good performance as the same as SIFT, but it is not stable to rotation and illumination changes.
  • PCA-SIFT is the best but it has problems with image blur.

There is no perfect algorithm, so the choice depends mainly on the application, and what kind of trade-offs the application can tolerate.

Example: PixID

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