AWS 미납(폭탄)요금

Amount Past Due: $428.86

Amount Due: $0.00

Total: $428.86

최근 3개월 동안 접속하지 않고 방치하던 테스트용 개인 계정에 최근 로그인하고 경악을 금할 수 없었습니다.
많아 봐야 10달러 정도 생각하고 있었는데.. *4 가 되어 버렸네요..

  • (모두 테스트한 이후에 인스턴스 Terminate 하시는거 잊지마시길바래요..)

우선 당황스러웠습니다. 일단 저의 부주의를 자신이 인지하고있었고 어쩔수없지만 요금을 지불해야하는게 맞다고 생각하고있었습니다.
하지만 주변에서 이런 경우에는 AWS측의 문의하면 취소해주는 경우가 많다고 들어서 직접 문의를 해보았습니다.

I am a student who dreams of becoming a developer in Korea. In order to practice programming and test my codes, I used AWS. However, I have not used AWS for last 3 months. When I found out about the fee charged on my account two days ago, I was very surprised and shocked. It was because I forgot to stop the instance after testing my code. This is unusal and serious occasion for me, so I decided to contact AWS customer service to find out what I can do.

Thank you,

Best Regards,

Woo Young Jun

사실 그대로를 말하고 해당 부분에 대해 도움을 요청했습니다.
얼마지나지않아 AWS 측에서 답문이 왔습니다. 내용은 아래와 같습니다.

Hello Young, Lance here from AWS Billing and accounts. Thank you for reaching out to us with your billing query. Firstly, let me apologize for the unexpected charge, it is not our intention to mislead our customers and let me help you sort this out. I have gone over your account and can see that your free tier account on May 31 2016, and thereafter you accrued charges on your account for leaving the resources running and the account was suspended due to non payment. To assist you I have waived the charges for June, July and August and reinstated your account. We will be able to assist you with the charges accrued in September, but you will have to terminate the resources accruing charges on your account. Once you have done this please contact us back so that we can move forward with the concession for September. Please feel free to let me know if the service provided was up to your standards and that the query has been attended to. Enjoy the rest of your day further. Best regards, Lance C Amazon Web Services We value your feedback. Please rate my response using the link below.

AWS .. 역시 존경심만 생기네요.

우려했던 부분의 요금은 취소되었고, 인스턴스들 또한 모두 terminate 시켰습니다.

그리고 답장을 보냈습니다. 혹시 저와 같은 상황에 처해있다면 한번 문의를 해보시길바랍니다.

한글로 보내도 AWS측에서 번역 잘해서 답변해준다고합니다. (*확실하지않음)

아무쪼록 잘 해결되어 정말 다행이었습니다..^^;;

First of all, thank you for your consideration on my issue. Currently, all of my instances have been terminated. So is my issue clear? As far as I understood, all of fees charged on me will be clear. If there is any problem left, could you please let me know via email or comment of this case. I wish there was a service like AWS in my country. Thank you again. ‘감사합니다’


Woo Young Jun

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