A: I heard you can convince me t o believe the God’s existence logically.

B: Yes. I can tell you exactly how the God created the world.

A: So, you’re assuming the “God” created all of the world?

B: Think about it. Everything must have started.

A: Yes. Go on.

B: And scientifically, nothing really can be created itself from nothingness.

A: Wait, are you saying the God is nothingness?

B: No, there is no nothingness. The God CREATED nothingness along with him.

A: That sounds very debatable, but ok. I’ll accept it.

B: So, the nothingness itself can’t do anything. The God did something to the nothingness.

A: Still under development, but makes sense. Okay, continue.

B: Which means it’s impossible for the universe to exist without a creator from something else.

A: Okay. So you’re saying, logically, everything has its start, so the God is the start of th universe?

B: Yes.

A: How did the God start? Doesn’t the God need his start for him to exist “logically”?

B: Why do you think the “logic” exist? Logic can’t exist by itself. The God created it.

A: So, the God created logic before he create the universe. Am I following?

B: Yes. The logic was created by the God.

A: But, your argument is valid if and only if the logic already exists.

B: What do you mean?

A: Logic was created BECAUSE the God created it, and that sentence itself is already logic. It means, the logic needs itself for it to be created. It does not make sense.

B: The God is perfect being. No logic is required for him to create logic.

A: So the God is a being that had logic itself? I think this argument is missing a lot of logic in fact.

B: The perfect being requires no logical explanation. That’s why he’s perfect.

A: So, you’re simply saying you can’t prove logically, because we’re dealing with some other hyper dimensional object where the logic is no longer relevant?

B: The God is not hyper dimensional object. He’s the perfect one, without being bound to the logic.

A: But, you told me that you can prove the God’s existence logically.

B: I told you, LOGICALLY, the God’s existence cannot be denied by the logic.

A: Well, in this world, we assume that the logic applies to everywhere, every dimensions, evey vector spaces. There is no subspace of this world such that logic can’t be applied.

B: The God is out of the boundary. It is not understandable by a single human mind.

A: Okay, I think we missed it again. So, let me say it. “The God does not requre logic, thus the logic does not deny his existence” is a LOGICAL thesis, and clearly, the God’s “not requiring logic” REQUIRES logic. Are you sure you’re not confused? And you only wanted to prove me why the God EXIST, not why we can’t DENY GOD’S EXISTENCE. Thoe are two different arguments.

B: There are worlds, that you can’t even understand, yet, exist. The God is probably one. He is the different being of different world.

A: So, we’re talking about the God’s EXISTENCE is NOT IN THIS WORLD?

B: The definition of EXISTENCE is not bound to EXISTING IN THIS WORLD, but includes existing in ANOTHER WORLD as well.

A: You need to prove whether the other world exist. The DEFINITION of existence requires LOGIC. Without LOGIC, you can’t prove anything.

B: Why do you keep definition of something to yourself? Do you think your definition is universal? The God has his own definition of things, and he decides what the existence is.

A: Well, Okay. If you’re saying the other world can EXIST WITHOUT LOGIC, then let me tell you one thing. The worlds in the storybooks exist too, and therefore, all the fictional characters “EXIST” too. I don’t se any reason why the God’s existence is so surprising, because EVERYTHING EXISTS based on YOUR DEFINITION OF EXISTENCE.

B: Those worlds do not exist. Not all the world exist. The definition is NOT MINE, but the God’s.

A: So, you’re trying to say that “The God’s existence is only provable by the God’s definition of the existence, and only God knows what the definition is. Thus, we can’t prove the God’s existence with human’s logic” is that right? This sounds like, in order for the God to exist, the God must exist as well.

B: Yes, and that is true, because the God EXIST.

End of the conversation.

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