[탑코더] Single Round Match 643, Division 2, Level 1: TheKingsArmyDiv2 본문

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[탑코더] Single Round Match 643, Division 2, Level 1: TheKingsArmyDiv2

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원본 문제


The King of Byteland has an army that consists of R*C soldiers. He has just arranged the soldiers into a grid with R rows and C columns. Two soldiers are neighbors if they stand next to each other in a row or in a column.

Each of the soldiers is currently either happy or sad. You are given their current states in a String[] state with R elements, each containing C characters. The character state[i][j] is either 'H' (if the soldier in row i, column j is happy) or 'S' (if that soldier is sad).

Happiness is contagious. Whenever two neighbors are both happy, they will tell each other jokes and after a minute that will make all of their neighbors happy as well.

Here's an example. There are two happy neighbors among many sad soldiers:




This is the situation after one minute: all of their neighbors are happy now.




And this is the situation after another minute. Now all the neighbors of the soldiers that are currently happy became happy as well.




After another minute, all the soldiers in the King's army would be happy.

The King wants all his soldiers to be happy. Sometimes it's easy, as in the above example: all he has to do is wait for a while and all soldiers will become happy. However, it is not always the case. For example, in the situation below the happiness would not spread anywhere, each soldier would remain in his original state forever. (Note that a single happy soldier does not make his neighbors happy.)




The King can make a soldier happy by giving him an award for excellent service. Obviously, the King could make all soldiers happy by giving awards to all of them. But the King is smart and knows that there is a better solution. He will only give the awards to a few carefully selected soldiers and then he will simply wait until the happiness spreads to the rest of the army.

You are given the String[] state. Compute and return the smallest number of awards the king has to give to make all soldiers happy in the end.

public class TheKingsArmyDiv2 {

    public int getNumber(String[] state) {

        int rtn = 2;

        int H = state.length;

        int W = state[0].length();


        for (int i = 0; i < H; i++) {

            for (int j = 0; j < W; j++) {


                if (state[i].charAt(j) == 'H') {

                    rtn = 1;


                    if (j+1 < W  && state[i].charAt(j+1) == 'H')

                        return 0;


                    if (i+1 < H && state[i+1].charAt(j) == 'H')

                        return 0;





        return rtn;        



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